Why Do Cats Eat Grass? Let’s find the reason now! Cats are hygienic pets. Definitely you always see your cat is licking his or her fur every day. For your information, cats have a tongue in which its structure is similar to a fine comb where their fur will stick to their tongue if they lick their fur. Therefore, there is a big possibility for them to swallow the fur. The fur is indigestible and it will build up in the cats’ stomach. The accumulation of fur is known as hairball. The hairball must be removed from the cats’ stomach because it may cause the cats to lose appetite, inactive and become thin. Worst, the hairball may create a blockage in the intestine and colon if it is not treated immediately. How to remove the hairball? Don’t worry be happy, because cats know how to handle it. Based on the world observation, cats will eat grass as an alternative to eliminate the hairball by vomiting it. Yes, cats will vomit it! Vomiting is the only effective way to eliminate the hairball. At first, cats will eat the grass and vomit it together with the hairball. Surprisingly, only some of cat owners know about this, so they don’t know that their cats actually need grass in the house. This situation has answered the reason outdoor cats are often happy and healthy compared to indoor cat! If your cat eat something that is different from the staple food such as a paper, plastic, plastic flower, vegetable, lemongrass and salad, that is the sign that your cat is desperate and really need to remove the hairball. Beware! It may harm your cats as your cat will choke. You might want to provide grass for your cat but be careful with grass at the outside of your house. The grass might have been poisoned with herbicides or contain fungus that can infect your cat. Choosing organic grass Pet Grass™ from Green Growers Enterprise is an alternative to have a safe, organic and natural grass. This type of grass can even be planted in your apartment because it doesn’t require so much space. Pet Grass™ Self Grow Kit is a user friendly product where you can save your time and you don’t even have to buy soil and container. Self Grow package comes with a set of seeds, organic plants medium, container and ways of planting the grass. This grass only need some amount of water and sunlight. In addition, Pet Grass™ from Green Growers Ent. will grow within one week. Only ONE WEEK and your cat can have it delightedly. Pet Grass™ is not only limited to cat but it is also for rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, dogs, parrot, iguana and reptiles. Pet Grass™ is imported seeds from Australia. It is 100% organic and it has a very good quality of seeds. In fact, it is easy to grow and has a long lifespan. To purchase or any inquiries, please visit : Copyright Article by Green Growers Enterprise, Pet Grass (Malaysia) Copyright Act 1987

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