A self grow pet grass for Cats, Dogs, Rabbit and other small animal. Grow in 6 days, it fast and organic treats for your pets.



Low lactose Goats Milk suitable for Cats and Dogs of all ages. Comes with six easy to use sachet.



The stronges of its class. Cats love it the way it smell. Releasing their stress and make them active.

Pet Grass - Self Grow Kit Green Dairy - Goat's Milk Fine Canadian Catnip - Shaker



Comes from the strongest catnip, the pillow is an idea if easy to use, no mess toys for cats to enjoy their catnip.

Strong Canadian Catnip Pillow



All natural Smoked Dried tuna for your lovely Pets.

Tuna Treats / Tuna Flakes - Kat-Sushi Japan



Sprinkle over cat litter to eliminate bad odour caused by urine and poo smell. Anti bacteria food grade powder.

 Clean Paws - Litter Box Deodorizer Lemon Scent

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